5 Signs Your Shingle Roof Needs Replacing

Wondering if your shingle roof needs servicing? Check for any of these five warning signs…

Curling Shingles1. Curling or Clawing Shingles
Curling or clawing shingles are a sign of both an aging roof system and excessive heat. Curled or clawing shingles are highly susceptible to wind uplift and ice damage. Shingles will become rigid and can break easily and lose tab edges.

Bare Spots Missing Shingles2. Missing Granules and Bare Spots
Poorly placed downspouts, lack of eavestrough, or poorly designed valley drainage on a second storey can cause a waterfall effect that washes away granules over time. Aging of a roof system or physical damage can also cause bare spots and a loss of granules. When the protective granules of a shingle are lost the shingle begins to harden from heat and sun exposure. Granule loss on a roof system will accelerate aging and shingle decay and can become an entry point for water.


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Roof Replacement Antelope

Roof Replacement Antelope

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Every roof faces regular wear and tear. When the roof on your Antelope home or business starts showing its age, you may need to consider repairs or even roof replacement. If you are truly in search of a reputable roofing company to give you an honest assessment of your roof and affordable solutions, then we at Monsters Roofing are definitely the right ones for you.

If your roof is past the ability to effectively repair and the time has come to select a new roof, there are some specific things that need to be considered like roof pitch, material, color, style and cost. At present there are several types of materials used for roofing, including roofing that contains recycled materials.

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You need to understand that not every type of roofing material can be used on any roof. The experts at Monsters Roofing understand the specifics of every roof type and can help you decide which replacement suits both your preferences and the roof the best. Some materials used in roofing like slate or tile are quite heavy, and in many cases the structure of the building is not capable of bearing the load.

If you have property in Antelope and you see any indication that there is need to replace your roof, please get in touch with us. We offer trusted and reliable roof replacement, quality work, excellent customer service, and competitive rates. You will be glad you called.

Shingle Roof Replacement
Composition Shingle Roof Replacement
Tile Roof Replacement
  1. Asphalt Shingles: One of most commonly found roof materials is asphalt shingle. This material costs less compared to other available materials and does not require much effort for repairs, replacement or installation. A fiberglass medium is combined with asphalt to offer a surface resembling sand granules. Laminated shingles come in a variety of colors that offer an appealing look to the roof.
  2. Wood: Wood has been a lovely and sophisticated choice for roofing for several centuries. Due to the threat of fire, many people think it is unsafe, but we make use of treated cedar, southern pine and redwood to reduce this possibility. Wood roofs come with a life expectancy of about 25 years and is bit more expensive than asphalt shingles.
  3. Metal: Metals like aluminum, copper, steel and lead are considered a highly durable but expensive option for roofing. However, when you compare the durability for the price, you will find metal is a solid lasting option for your roofing needs.
  4. Slate: One of the best in class for durability is a slate roof. There are some 100-year old slates that have been recycled quite effectively for reuse on new roof installations and in most cases, such roofs should last another century.

When your need is for roof replacement, who better to choose than Monsters Roofing? We have been serving the greater Antelope area for several years now and have managed to create a niche as a reliable and trustworthy roofing company.

We have an experienced team of roofers who are all professionally trained to deliver quality and affordable roofing services for our customers. We work closely with our customers and understand their needs well. Monsters Roofing is a customer-centric company that believes its success is only achieved through customer satisfaction.

When a customer contacts us with a roofing concern for their Antelope home or business, we discuss the problem and schedule a visit to meet with them to look at their roof. We evaluate the existing roof and its current condition, which gives us a clear picture about what steps we need to take to get it back to its best, whether that means repair or replacement. Once the bid for work is approved, we return to perform the work in perfect order.

Our Antelope roofer experts won’t recommend replacement without first inspecting the condition of your roof. Depending on its condition, the recommendation will be made to either repair or replace. If replacement is necessary, we will inform you as to which type of roof replacement options you have. Once you decide on what you want your new roof to look like and approve the bid, we begin the installation of your new roof.

The rates we charge for roof replacement are competitive but vary depending on the type of roof, the slope, and the material which will be used in the process. After making our roof inspection and discussing options, we send a quote that gives a clear outline of the costs you will incur based on your selection.

We believe in maintaining transparency in the costs of our Antelope roof replacement services and make sure that none of our clients are shocked by an unexpected bill. Our mission is to give your property the perfect look you’re hoping for, that will match or beat what it looked like before its decline. We have served many satisfied clients and are proud to say that we have among the highest rates for customer satisfaction. We care about the needs of each of our clients and work with dedication to deliver the best services at the best price, which is something our competitors can’t equal.

Why Roof Replacement Antelope Services from Monsters Roofing?

  1. We are proud to say we are one of the leading roof replacement companies in Antelope.
  2. We offer superior quality service with a dedication toward perfection.
  3. Our office support team is available to response to every call from our customers.
  4. While executing any roof replacement Antelope, we take care to not cause damage to our client’s property. In case any such thing does happen, we take responsibility to fully restore it to how it was before or better.
  5. Our team works with complete dedication to serving clients by answering queries they may have at any stage in the re-roofing process.
  6. Our fees are affordable for Antelope and we have services that will meet the needs of customers of all economic ability.
  7. Monsters Roofing takes responsibility for the quality of service we deliver.

If you want Monsters Roofing to meet with you and bid your roofing work of any type and in any part of greater Antelope, call, text or email us. We promise to do all that we can to make your experience with us a positive and memorable one. Monsters Roofing uses the latest materials, methods and tools to get your replacement work done in a timely and hassle-free manner. Give us a call or send us a message if you want to get your roof replaced by experts.

Monsters Roofing offers you the best in roof replacement Antelope. Your home may be in a gated community or have a fancy security system, but unless it also has a proper roof, your home is not protected. A roof does not just mean protection on the outside from rain, storms, debris from trees, etc. A roof also protects the inside as well. Roofs protect the interior from dampness and leaks that can damage walls and promote harmful molds to grow.

If it’s time to improve or replace the protection for your Antelope home or business or if you want a longer-lasting more durable roof, then Monsters Roofing is the best option. We provide the best roof replacement service in Antelope with quality roofs that suit the structure of your building while offering the most protection inside and out.

How Can You Tell If Your Property Needs Roof Replacement Antelope?

If there are multiple leaks throughout your home or business, it’s time to consider a full roof replacement over a repair. If after a rain or wind storm, there is damage to your roof that is cannot be easily repaired, it’s time for replacement. If you’ve already made countless roof repairs and are still having issues, your roof is no longer serving its purpose anymore and you need to call Monsters Roofing for a proper replacement. If your roof is no longer able to protect you from harsh weather conditions, it’s time for a replacement.

Monsters Roofing, the best roof replacement Antelope, replaces every kind of roofing and offers professional repair services for your roof, too. We use top quality materials and first meet with you to assess your property’s needs before giving any advice for repairs or replacement.

  1. Asphalt Composition Shingle. This is the most commonly used roof type and is available at a very low cost in Antelope,
  2. Clay Tiles. These are available in various designs and colors,
  3. Concrete Tiles are more durable than asphalt shingles and also come in various colors and designs,
  4. Cool Roofs which keep your building cooler in hot weather,
  5. Other types of roofs that Monsters Roofing can install or repair are EPDM Roofs, Green Roofs, Metal Roofs, Shake Roofs, Slate Roofs, and any roof with a steep slope.

Some are eco-friendly. Some have longer life-expectancy than others. They all vary in durability and price and most are available in a variety of designs or colors so they not only serve their purpose, but also make your building look beautiful.

Services provided by Monsters Roofing of Antelope include: 24 x 7 Emergency roof repair; roof assessment and repair estimates; professional advice to our customers regarding how to select the right roof for their property and how to maintain it. We provide Antelope customers with both residential and commercial roof replacement as well as roof certification following a professional analysis and test of the roof.

If you think you need roof replacement Antelope or repair, call Monsters Roofing, your Antelope roofing company, and schedule a visit for an estimate. Here are some of the advantages of hiring Monsters Roofing:

  • We use the best roofing materials from reputable manufacturers and local suppliers.
  • We offer our full range of roofing services at affordable and competitive costs.
  • We come out to assess the condition of your Antelope roof before suggesting or bidding repairs or replacement.
  • We provide round the clock emergency roofing services for all of greater Antelope.
  • We provide comprehensive estimates that let you know about potential unknown costs, to avoid invoice shock, and we give you options to suit your budget and requirements.
  • We take responsibility for any damages caused by us during the course of our work and make good on it.
  • We have a skilled, trained team who use the latest methods, materials and machinery to deliver a quality roof job for your Antelope property.

Our support team is ready to answer all your questions. Contact us and protect your house with best roof we can provide. Go with Monsters Roofing and get the best roof replacement Antelope.

Roof Replacement in Antelope

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