If you are in Sacramento and looking for an affordable yet durable roofing system for your property having a flat or slope roof, Thermoplastic Membrane Roofing Sacramento will be the right choice for you. This type of roofing system is popular for both commercial as well as residential properties.

The popularity of thermoplastic roofing System Sacramento is increasing at a rapid speed and more and more people are showing interest towards such roofing option. This type of roof offers a perfect combination of EPDM rubber with PVC roofs, but definitely at a rate which is much more economical in cost when compared to PVC.

If you are looking for such type of roofs for your property in Sacramento, then we the team of Monster roofing is right here for your support. We are in this industry for quite a long time now and well aware of the roofing needs of the people in Sacramento.

Types of Thermoplastic Membrane Roofing:

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC): These sheets are prepared by calendaring, extruding and are reinforced with glass fiber mats. It contains plasticizers as well as stabilizers besides many other additives in order to enhance flexibility as well as other needed physical properties. There are few membranes in this category made available with fleece which is non woven and are placed at the side of the sheet.

Key features of the sheets: Available in the widths range of 6 feet to about 12 feet. Available Sheets thickness ranges from 45 mils to 90 mils. The Seams are completely sealed with the use of heat or any type of chemical welding. PVC membranes are prepared using different colors. Commonly used colors are gray and white.

PVC Alloys or Compounded Thermoplastics: The name clearly suggests that this type of membrane is a made of many compounds. The notable alloys are:

  • Copolymer Alloy (CPA)
  • Ethylene Interpolymer (EIP)
  • Nitrile Alloys (NBP)
  • Tripolymer Alloy (TPA)
  • Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO): Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) is basically a roofing membrane made of single-ply which is again made out of polyprophylene as well as ethylene-propylene rubber polymer. Such membrane gets installed on the mechanical system which is attached and, allowing the white membrane to stay exposed for the complete tenure of the roof. The sheets of TPO consist of colorant, UV absorbers, flame retardants, as well as other proprietary substances.

Available in Sheet widths ranging from 6 feet to about 12 feet Available Sheets are having thickness ranging from 40 mils to 100 mils The Seams remain sealed by the heat which is welded with hot air In most of the cases, TPO membranes found are white

  • Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE): CPE is known to be the standardized acronym for the thermoplastic chlorinated polyethylene elastomer. It is produced via chlorination of the polyethylene. The content of chlorine can exceed up to as high as 70% weight wise. But the regular used sheet of CPE does have grades of chlorine ranging between 25% to 42%.

We are sure that the above types of Thermoplastic Membrane Roofing Sacramento appear to be complicated for you. Our experts are available to guide customers in making the right selection of thermoplastic roofing System Sacramento.

Thermoplastic Membrane Roofing Sacramento

Advantages of Thermoplastic Membrane Roofing:

There are some specific benefits which you can gain from the application of TPO roofing membrane Sacramento.

  • Economical: One key factor which makes TPO roofing highly attractive for both commercial, as well as residential roofing is that, same can be installed at a very reasonable cost. When you make a comparison with PVC roofing then you will get to see that there are some common benefits in both like hot-air wieldable seams as well as energy efficient at a low price.
  • Applicable for different styles of home: Be it any type of property and with any style of roof provision, thermoplastic roofing System Sacramento will fit every style. TPO one can find in white, light shade of gray as well as in black reflective options of color. These days there no more need to go for a white colored roof for making savings of energy and for other reflective properties. With the application of latest technology, all types of colors used in TPO roofing membrane Sacramento are UV resistant as well as “cool”.
  • Durable: When compared to other types of thermoplastic membranes, it has been found that TPO and PVC are the 2 best options having the qualities of protecting the growth of mold, accumulation of dirt, impact of tears and punctures. It is of flexible nature and capable of handling building’s movement or even settling. TPO membranes can best in handling thermal expansion as well as the contraction of a properly more efficiently when compared to products for single ply roofing.
  • Easy to install: Both TPO and PVC are made using light-weight wider sheets. This clearly proves the fact that it makes it easy for installation and fewer seams will be there. A considerable reduction in the cost of installation can be enjoyed because of less time involved in installing this type of membrane
Thermoplastic Membrane Roofing Sacramento from Monster Roofing

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For Sacramento Thermoplastic Membrane Roofing we have following services:
  • Thermoplastic Membrane roof inspection
  • Thermoplastic Membrane Roof Repair
  • Thermoplastic Membrane roof certification
  • Thermoplastic Membrane roof installation

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