In case you are in search of most durable yet stylish roofing options for your property, then for sure nothing can be the best for you other than Slate Roofing Sacramento. In Sacramento, you will find many houses which are having this roofing style and this clearly proves the fact as how popular this style of roofing is in the city.

In a similar fashion if you are looking for the best Slate Roofing Company Sacramento then we are glad to introduce us, the special force of Monster Roofing for such services. Slate can easily be transformed into roofing slates, which is a typical type of roof shingle, or very specifically it is nothing better than a type of tile for the roof, which gets installed via a Slater.

Many people don’t know that Slate comes with two specific lines for break-ability and that are cleavage and grain. These lines make it possible to go for splitting of the stone in fine thin sheets. Slate is a special category of rock which is formed of fine-grained, homogeneous nature metamorphic rock, foliated, and derived from the original sedimentary rock which is of shale-type and is made out of clay or even volcanic ashes by passing through low-grade metamorphism.

We being this industry as a Slate Roofing Company Sacramento for several years are well aware of the best quality slates which can be utilized for roofing needs of the people who are residents of Sacramento.

Benefits of Slate Roofing Sacramento

Slate is one of the unique materials for roofing which in most of the cases get overlooked as customers are not yet familiar with its value as well as capabilities.

Below are the advantages which you can enjoy if you opt for Sacramento Slate Roofing:

Style and color: There are N numbers of style and color options available which you can get if you go for Slate Roofing System Sacramento. Standard pattern style and random width style are 2 commonly found styles which you can get in this type of roofs. In the case of texture too, you will find slate roofs smooth and uniform texture and also in rough and rustic texture. When it comes to color choice you will find options like grays, black, greens, purples and reds.

Durability: Beyond any doubt slate roof tiles Sacramento is highly durable. It can offer you service for several 100 years and that too with zero maintenance cost. But you need to make sure that there is no paint applied on the slate roof as this will encourage it to age prematurely.

Value for price: When you decide to take the call to make an investment for slate roof then be sure that it will be expensive. But don’t consider it as a drawback as it may sound expensive but the years of long service which it will offer you without maintenance will make it an intelligent investment which no other type of roof can offer you.

Environment-friendly: Slate roofs are environment-friendly and the reason behind this is that it creates no Roofing waste. Adds value to the home: A home with a slate roof is high in demand in the market and in case you are having a plan to sell your home with a slate roof then is rest assured that the roof of your house will help you to get a good price for your property.

Slate Roofing Sacramento

Types of Slate Roofing Sacramento:

When you take a look at the color, surface texture, thickness, sizes and widths you will notice the difference. If you go for a standard Sacramento Slate Roofing Services you will find that slates are of 3/16" to 1/4" thickness and in uniform length and width. Roofs of

Textural style: These types of slates are of rough-textured having uneven butts. Such slates are available in varied thickness, colors and sizes which are used in roofing of houses in Sacramento. The roof which is formed of such slates gives a rustic look.

Roofs of Graduated slate: Graduated slates do vary in thickness and size. Larger slates are used in the eaves zone and smaller sizes slates are used in the ridge zone. Quality graduated roofs generally display a smooth transition from large to small reaching the line of roof ridge. Such style of roof makes the property look bigger in size than its actual size. Ribbon slate roofing: Slates in the shape of diagonal or in a stripped pattern in various colors are called as Ribbon slate. It offers long life expectancy and is low priced.

Introducing Monster roofing an expert Slate Roofing service provider

We with our dedicated services established us as one of the trusted Slate Roofing Company Sacramento CA. If you are looking for quality roofing services then feel free to get in touch with is and we promise to make the experience memorable for you. We do have a special team of experienced roofers who are professionally trained for delivering service which is expected by clients.

We are one such Slate Roofing Company Sacramento, which works very closely with the clients. We first discuss the requirement well and then decide which style or type of slate roof tiles Sacramento will be ideal for the client's property. Once the client agreed with our selection we proceed to get the roofing installation done and get that checked by the client before closing the job.

We look for happy clients and ensure that there is no single client of us who returns dissatisfied with us. We are glad to share the fact that we are among the Slate Roofing System Sacramento service providers which is having zero dis-satisfied clients associated with us. For slate roofing we have following services:

  • Slate roof inspection
  • Slate Roof Repair
  • Slate roof certification
  • Slate roof installation

Our major intention is to give your property that perfect look which can make your feel proud about your property and can enhance the value of your property too especially in the case when you are looking for a buyer for your property.

Why Slate Roofing services from Monster Roofing in Sacramento?

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