When you take a look at the house of yours in Sacramento and get a feel that it is giving a very mediocre look then why not gives a try with Shake Roofing Sacramento. We understand that such roof made of wood may appear to your bit expensive, but what if that gives you durability and sophisticated look together in one go.

We are confident that you will not mind investing for such a wonderful roof for your house. If you are looking for the experts of Shake Roofing System Sacramento, then we the experienced team of Monster Roofing is right here to be your support. If you look around you will get to see that there are several houses designed in the historic style which feature shake roofs.

These roofs are constructed using wood shingles. We all know that Shakes are widely used around the globe for roofing as well as siding applications. Superior quality grade shakes are used for house roofing needs, while the grade below it is used for the purpose of siding.

Benefits of Shake Roofing in Sacramento:

  • Sacramento wood shake roof offers long lasting protection under any weather condition
  • Shake Roofing Sacramento CA is environment-friendly roofing option
  • Shake roofs are not prone to rust
  • Shake Roofing System Sacramento offers superior insulation
  • Gives an attractive yet rustic as well as historic look to the house
  • It is Energy-efficient
  • Can serve for a period ranging from 30 to 50 years time
  • There are many more advantages which one can gain from the installation of Shake Roofing Sacramento.

Types of Shake Roofing in Sacramento

Cedar roof: The origin of Cedar shakes are from one of the most beautiful trees of the word the Cedar tree. This type of shakes comes with a natural grain as well as texture which offer a very interesting yet varied surface to work on. The measurement of these shakes varies from ½ inch to ¾ inch. Cedar shakes are considerably much heavier as well as thicker than the other available wood shakes in the market.

Installation of cedar roof gives natural dimensional shading to the roof which makes it appear very sophisticated to the viewers. This type of shake is naturally resistant towards water damage, mold as well as pests. Pine Roof: Sustainable methods of forestry are used for the cultivation of Pine trees from which high-quality pine shakes are cut. When compared to cedar wood it has been found that Pine shakes are much stronger as well as harder.

It's an ideal choice for the weather condition where there are hail and high winds. In order to enhance the longevity of the pine shake used for roofing needs we the team of Monster roofing ensure to impregnate it with water-protective chemicals apart from preservatives which can protect it from rotting, mold, boring insects, and also mildew Redwood Roof: If you are looking for some stable softwood for your roof then one of the best in class is redwood.

The wood shake roof Sacramento is very lightweight, beautiful, and also brilliantly strong. This wood does not have natural resistant power and so nor prone to decay, splitting and damage due to any weather condition. Redwood shake made a special place in the industry because of its feature of easy maintenance and brilliant color.

The reddish brown in deep shade color of this wood keeps on getting darken with age and start giving an amazing look to the house which installed it. An area where humidity in climate is there and moisture is a problem in such areas redwood shake roof is highly recommended.

Wood Shake Roofing Sacramento

Monster Roofing, an expert in Shake Roofing

We call our team of Monster roofing an expert in roofing world. We are in this industry for several years and specialized in the making and installation of Shake Roofing Sacramento CA. Our experts inspect the quality of wood shake roof Sacramento before using them for the roofing needs. Our experienced team of roofers is trained professionally to deliver the service which is desired by our customers.

With our dedicated Shake Roofing System Sacramento services, we have emerged as the leaders in the industry. If you want to get served for your roofing needs then we are definitely the trusted Sacramento Shake Roofing Company for you. So far we have served several clients of Sacramento and we are proud to declare that even after handling so many projects we don’t have any single complaint from our served clients.

Our Shake Roofing Services Sacramento offers:

  • Wood shake roof Repair
  • Wood shake roof Replacement
  • Wood shake Roof Installation
  • Wood shake roof Certification

Every Sacramento wood shake Roofing process also gets supervised by well trained professional experts. We ensure to check that installation process is done correctly and with absolute perfection. Once the process is over we consult the client for satisfaction. The process is considered closed only when the client is satisfied.

If you are looking for repair or certification of Shake Roofing System Sacramento, then feel free to get connected with us. We are pretty confident about the fact that we will not give a solo chance to disappoint any of our clients.

Why Shake Roofing Sacramento services from Monsters Roofing?
  • We are the leaders in the industry of wood shake roof Sacramento service work with honesty to deliver quality work
  • We ensure to make response to client request fast
  • Precautions are taken by our roofers to protect the client property from any damage during the course of work. If any mishap happens accidentally in which there is damage caused to the property, then we get that fixed at our end without charging any extra penny from the client.
  • Our team of customer service is formed by experts having the required knowledge about the industry and capable of handling all types of queries related to roofing service
  • We make sure to keep the charges of our services affordable do that clients from any financial background can approach us.
  • We never compromise on the quality of material and service we deliver to clients. If there is any type of quality issue we stand responsible for that and get that fixed
  • Our after sales service is considered best in the industry
  • Each of the employees associated with us is properly insured against any type of accident caused during the course of work.

Getting connected with us is easy for our clients. If you want to avail Sacramento wood shake roof, services from us. You can send us an SMS or even can give us a call. All your calls will get answered by our experts. Our representative will be happy to serve you. Our support team will take the details from you and appointment will be fixed on client's available time.

Our experts will visit the spot and make the inspection of the roof before giving the quotation for Shake Roofing Sacramento. If you want the professional service of our experts, call us or email us. Our representative will get in touch with you and discuss about the work and the rates.