If you are a believer of the concept of sustainable building and a resident of Sacramento, then we are sure that you will be looking for a service provider who can offer you Cool Roof Sacramento services. We are glad to say that we are right here to assist you and offer you excellent cool roof tiles Sacramento services. Cool roof acts towards reflecting solar energy as well as emits the stored heat right back into the atmosphere.

It helps in reducing the volume of heat which gets transferred in building and thereby keeps the interior cool. We have a different range of Sacramento cool roof tiles and depending on the choice and preference of our clients the selected cool roof tiles are used. The composition of Asphalt, membranes, metal and tiles are used for making of cool roof tiles.

The percentage of coolness which the roof is offering can be measured based on solar reflectance (SR) - The Volume of solar energy which is reflected off by the roof as well as thermal emit (TE) - the volume of heat which gets emitted back into the atmosphere. Cool Roof Sacramento CA can also be used as a technique of geo-engineering.

It can help in managing global warming which is completely based on the principle of management of solar radiation. The materials which are used in the making of the materials are used for making a reflection of solar energy, as well as emit the infra-red radiation for cooling of planet earth.

Types of Cool Roof:

Basically, there are 3 types of cool roof tiles

  • Inherently Cool Roofs – It’s a vinyl roof having the reflection capacity of 70% to 80%
  • Coated Roofs- made of Hyper glass Rubber Coating for Roof with white paints
  • Green Roofs - As the name suggested, it makes utilization of Green technology. It is a typical Sacramento Cool Roof which gets partially or even completely covered with soil and green vegetation. Use of rooftop pond is also done as a method of green roof creation.

Benefits Which Can Be Gained With The Use Of Cool Roof Tiles

  • Below is the list of benefits which you can gain with the installation of Cool Roof
  • Cost of energy needed for getting property air-conditioned can be reduced to an extent of 20%.
  • Helps in saving cost for the demand of peak electricity: Applicable when you are having time-of-use metering.
  • The level of comfort given to the occupants of the property can be increased to a great extent with the use of Cool Roof.
  • Support in enhancing the lifeline of AC system and also reduces cost of maintenance
  • Reducing cost of maintenance for the property roof
  • Enhances the value of the home
  • Helps in reducing the pace of global warming and in turn increases the reflective nature of earth (based on the technique of geo-engineering).
  • Supports in reducing of emissions of fossil CO2

Cool Roof Sacramento

Cool Roof Services:

Monster Roofing managed to create a special place in the industry of roofing services and especially as an undoubted leader of Sacramento cool roof tiles. We are glad to say that we are a strong supporter of sustainable building in Sacramento and offering superior quality Cool Roof Sacramento services to the residents of Sacramento.

We along with our team of professional roofers are working with great passion and dedication delivering quality services to our clients. We measure the level of success achieved based on the number of satisfied customers we are having in our list. We take time out to explain the steps which we are going to follow for making the installation of Cool Roof Sacramento CA. This, in turn, keeps the customer updated about the level of progress we are making in the roof installation for the designated property.

We invest time to explain to our clients that investing of cool rood may appear to be a costly affair when compared to traditional roofing techniques, but in the long run the benefits will be well understood. We encourage our customers to discuss with us the exact requirement so that we can chalk out a plan and decide which type of cool roof tiles Sacramento will be ideal and cost effective for them. Monster roofing is offering below cool roof tiles services to the people of Sacramento:

  • Cool Tile Roof Repair
  • Cool Tile Roof Replacement
  • Cool Tile Roof Installation
  • Cool Tile Roof Certification

Although the cool roof is expensive still to provide equal opportunity to people of all classes in the society we kept our service price affordable for all. We are making use of superior quality material for manufacturing of Sacramento cool roof tiles. Each roof installation process is supervised by our professional experts and they ensure than the work is completed with absolute perfection.

We insist our clients take a look at the roofing quality after the installation process is completed. In case clients want some modification then we are ready to get that done after discussing with client for any extra charge needed. We are doing a great number of businesses just by getting referrals from our serviced clients.

At regular interval, we are giving training to our roofing experts to help them stay updated about the advanced technologies which are coming up in the market to deliver high quality advanced Sacramento Cool Roof services.

Why Cool Roof services from Monster Roofing?

  • We are one of the leading Cool Roof Sacramento CA service providers with huge list of satisfied customers
  • We respond to a client on immediate basis with the sole intention of fixing the issues on an emergency basis.
  • Special attention is given to avoid any type of damage to client property at the time of roof installation.
  • Our dedicated customer service team is available 24x7 for attending queries and complaints of customers.
  • We charge affordable price for Sacramento cool roof tiles from customers to make our services available to people of all class in society
  • We are answerable for the quality of service we deliver.
  • We offer excellent after sales services to customers and equal attention is given to all clients big or small for any query or repair service
  • We do not charge any type of fee for fixing of issues due to malfunction at the time of work
  • We are properly insured and each of the onsite employees of Monster roofing are protected by insurance.
  • We are reachable to you in easy and simple manner. You can either send us an SMS or give us a call and our representative will be right there at your place to take a note of the requirement you are having.
  • After taking your permission our professional experts will take the measurements of the roof and tile sizes which will be used for installation on the roof. Customers are welcome to ask as many questions as they want and we will be more than happy to assist and answer them.
  • We are the undoubted leader of Cool Roof Sacramento services in the industry.