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Your roof serves as your home’s first line of defense against all the craziness that Mother Nature can offer. Since you want to do all you can to protect your home (and the people inside it), it’s important to ensure that your roof is in great shape. Your roof can be a bit of a mystery, however. After all, it’s likely that you can’t actually see much of your roof, so any problems it may have could be out of sight. Not to mention, even if you can see your entire roof, sometimes the problems lurk beneath the surface of your roof, making them impossible to detect unless you start noticing major issues. 

This same mystery can make it challenging when it comes time to find someone to repair your roof, since you essentially are forced to trust what the roofer tells you about what’s wrong with your roof and how it needs to be fixed. It’s critical that you find a company that is honest and ethical in all of their dealings so that you can have confidence that all the repairs are completed correctly and that you’re getting a great value. Fortunately, when you trust the professionals at Monsters Roofing, honesty and confidence come standard with every project. 

An Honest Assessment 
To be able to fix a problem, you first have to understand what the problem is. At Monsters Roofing, we take that principle to heart, working to ensure we understand everything that’s going on with your roof so we can determine the best and most economical way to fix it. This means taking the time to do a thorough assessment of the condition of your entire roof and the plywood sheathing beneath it. 

As mentioned, it can be difficult to know if you’re getting the entire picture when someone examines your roof. After all, a roof is difficult and dangerous to access, meaning you’re stuck on the ground, uncertain of what’s going on. That’s why we take the extra time that we do, to help give you confidence that what we’re telling you is accurate, and to ensure that we catch every single issue so that nothing goes unaddressed. 

The last thing you want is for someone to do a rushed assessment of your roof and then hastily recommend a total replacement. To be sure, total replacement is the best course of action in some circumstances. However, thorough repair jobs are just as viable, meaning this option must be considered, as well. When we’re finished with our assessment, you can be confident that we’ve identified all of the issues that your roof has, seen and unseen, and that these issues will be properly addressed. 

A Thorough Explanation 
Once our initial assessment of your roof is done, we will share with you all the information we have. Our extensive experience in all types of roof repairs allows us to present you with all the options available to you so that you can choose the best one. This means you can choose an option that matches your current needs, your budget, and your individual style so that you can be completely satisfied with the final result. We will give our professional recommendations based upon our experience, but we won’t try to steer you toward a particular option just because it’s better for us. We want you to be completely satisfied, and we’ll do everything we can to make that happen. 

The Right Experience 
As a roofer Sacramento can be a challenging place to work. The hot summers and rainy winters that make up Sacramento’s climate call for the right materials and installation methods when repairing or replacing a roof. At Monsters Roofing, that’s just what you’ll find. Our installers have plenty of experience to ensure that your home is completely weatherproof for those wet winters. 

Additionally, we understand how to properly use many different roofing materials to match the aesthetics of your home and the climate demands of the local area. Whether dealing with a conventional asphalt shingle roof, clay or concrete tile, metal roofing, shake roofing, or another type of roofing material, we have seen it all during our years of serving the community, and can properly repair or replace your roof so that it lasts for years to come. 

Understanding the Issues 
As mentioned, when it comes time to address any issues your roof is having, it’s important to understand all your options. Before you can understand your options, however, it’s important to understand some of the issues that your roof can face. These issues can appear in varying degrees of severity. However, all of them will ultimately need to be addressed to prevent further damage from occurring. 

Compromised Sheathing 
If the material covering your roof has been penetrated in some way, whether through a nail popping through from underneath, a hole from a removed satellite dish, or an improperly sealed protrusion, moisture can begin to work its way through. Over time, this moisture can seep into the plywood sheathing that is underneath your roofing material, leading to varying degrees of decay. 

If this is allowed to continue for a long period of time, the structural integrity of the sheathing could be compromised, potentially resulting in collapse. Fortunately, it doesn’t usually become this serious. However, the water that leaks through can lead to mold and mildew, as well as water damage in other parts of your home. If the sheathing under any part of your roof has been damaged by moisture, it is important to replace this sheathing before you do anything else. If the damaged area is small, this is a fairly simple repair job. If it’s too large, however, complete replacement may be required. 

Additionally, damaged or clogged gutters can cause water to splash back up onto the sheathing, leading to water damage and decay. Part of the assessment and repair process will be to ensure that your gutters are functioning properly and that they’re completely free from debris. 

Damaged Shingles 
Depending on the type of roofing material you choose, damage to that material is certainly a concern. Any type of damage to the shingles or tiles on your roof can lead to the advancement of moisture through the material, leading to the problems described above. While hail isn’t really an issue for a local roofer Sacramento still sees plenty of extreme weather that can break down components within your roofing material, over time. Not to mention other threats to your roof such as tree branches and wild animals that can cause major damage in a hurry. 

If damaged shingles are discovered during our assessment, the obvious option is to only replace those particular shingles that have been damaged. Of course, if you’ve had your roof for a while, the new roofing material may not exactly match your current material. If that’s the case, we can work with you to discover the best option that is the most aesthetically pleasing for your property. In addition to replacing damaged shingles, we’ll carefully inspect the sheathing and other components to ensure that no water damage has occurred. 

Faulty Protrusions 
Your home has many mechanical systems that need to evacuate their exhaust into the atmosphere. In addition, in most homes, multiple attack vents are required to prevent your attack from overheating or becoming too damp. While these protrusions are vital to the proper functioning of your home, they also provide points of risk to the integrity of your roof. 

Even if the vents, chimneys, and other components were properly sealed when they were installed, the hot summers in Sacramento can cause these sealants to break down, over time. When that occurs, due to the size of the protrusions, you risk a large amount of moisture entering through your roof in a short amount of time, resulting in major damage to your home. We will carefully inspect all protrusions in your roof to ensure that their weather-stripping is maintaining its usefulness. 

What is the Next Step?

Let’s Go to Work 
After all the potential issues have been found and the appropriate options have been selected, it’s time to implement the selected options to restore your roof to like-new condition. When you schedule an appointment to have the work done, you can be sure that our team will arrive on time. 

Once we arrive on site, we’ll work quickly and efficiently so that we can complete your job as soon as possible and allow you to get on with your life. As we work, we will be careful around your home and landscaping to ensure nothing is damaged. When we’re done, you can be sure that we’ll clean up every last bit of debris to leave your house looking even more beautiful than when we arrived. 

As we’re completing the repairs, we only use industry-standard techniques to ensure each project is completed correctly. We use high-quality sealants, nails, roofing paper, and other material to ensure the project isn’t compromised by a weak link. Plus, you can be sure that safety is our top priority, meaning we make every effort to keep you and our team safe during the project. 

If an accident does occur, rest assured that everyone is completely insured, so you don’t have to worry about any sort of liability. We want the process of completing the project to be as enjoyable as the finished product of the process, so if you have any questions for our team while they’re on site, feel free to ask and we’ll work hard until we get you a satisfactory answer. 

Change Your Look 
When it does come time to replace your roof, one of the unexpected benefits is that you have the opportunity to transform the look of your home. After all, your home’s roof is one of its most visible parts, making up a large portion of what is seen by those who pass by. Therefore, when you change your roof, you can simply replace it with something that looks similar, or you can go in an entirely different direction. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that Monsters Roofing has experience with the material you want to use. 

Shake roofing can give your house a very old-fashioned and charming feel that will definitely stand the test of time. Asphalt shingles provide great utility and long-lasting protection for your home. Tile roofs can provide that Mediterranean look that’s so popular throughout cities and towns in California. You can choose what you’d like or have someone from our team help you choose the perfect material. 

Of course, a roof can be used to save energy in addition to protecting your home. Green roofing requires additional training and skill to ensure that the green roof will be functional, in and of itself, while still providing solid protection for your building. It’s also important to have these roofs regularly maintained, and our green roofing experts at Monsters roofing are happy to help. 

Like a Family 
When you choose Monsters Roofing for your next roofing project, you are, in many ways, joining a family. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch customer service with a personal touch that is unparalleled. We understand that we exist entirely and only for our customers, meaning that we’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re completely happy. We want your experience to be enjoyable from beginning to end, and we want you to be able to recommend us, without hesitation, to others in need of a roofer. 

We acknowledge that you have plenty of options when it comes to roofers in the Sacramento area. We know that we aren’t guaranteed your business but that we have to earn it. We’ll work hard to do that, each and every time you need us. So, if you think it might be time to give your roof a once-over, be sure to reach out to a company that you know you can trust. Contact us at Monsters Roofing today and we’ll work hard to protect your home and all the precious people who live inside it.

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