5 Signs Your Shingle Roof Needs Replacing

Wondering if your shingle roof needs servicing? Check for any of these five warning signs…

Curling Shingles1. Curling or Clawing Shingles
Curling or clawing shingles are a sign of both an aging roof system and excessive heat. Curled or clawing shingles are highly susceptible to wind uplift and ice damage. Shingles will become rigid and can break easily and lose tab edges.

Bare Spots Missing Shingles2. Missing Granules and Bare Spots
Poorly placed downspouts, lack of eavestrough, or poorly designed valley drainage on a second storey can cause a waterfall effect that washes away granules over time. Aging of a roof system or physical damage can also cause bare spots and a loss of granules. When the protective granules of a shingle are lost the shingle begins to harden from heat and sun exposure. Granule loss on a roof system will accelerate aging and shingle decay and can become an entry point for water.


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4 Ways To Improve Your Roof’s Stability

Leaks and excess moisture can cause damp and rot which may affect the supporting timbers, gaps or holes that let in draughts, and will not allow the weather to penetrate your home, making it less efficient, but can also allow insects and animals access to your home.

We discuss a few of the more common, tried and tested remedies to solve a troubled roof space…


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How to Inspect a Roof for Damage

When assessing property for flipping, knowing a bit about roofs and the basics of how to inspect a roof will help you prevent overlooking a costly expense. Depending on the material, square footage, type of roof, slope, architecture, and number of interruptions such as chimneys, skylights, dormers, and vents, a roof replacement can cost thousands of dollars. And because many buyers hire home inspectors, an overlooked needed roof replacement can come to light during the selling process and cost you a property sale.

Roof Inspection

If you are interested in flipping homes or even just owning one, it would benefit you to understand how to inspect your roof. Continue reading the article for the complete scoop.




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