Monsters Roofing is one of Sacramento’s premier roofing companies. We not only pride ourselves on the quality of our work but on the quality of our workers. Each of our workers wants to see our clients as satisfied as possible. Monsters Roofing wants to create long lasting professional working relationships that will last years.  Go with a company you can rely on with full comfort whenever you need roofing work done on your home or business. As a company, our priority is the needs of our clients. Our roofing experience ranges from asphalt shingle to concrete tile to metal and industrial roofing, and that’s only the beginning. Monsters Roofing has a variety of roofing options personalized for you.

Our company goal is to ensure that every client who uses our services is satisfied. We believe we have a system for accomplishing satisfaction all around. Our workers always perform quality work at a reasonable price. With over 20 years of experience in general contracting, we have the know-how to complete all different types of roofing projects and other related repairs. One of the benefits you will receive by partnering with Monsters Roofing is our unmatched personal attention throughout the whole project. You will be in regular communication with not only the crew members but also the owners. Monsters Roofing is separated from our competitors because of the lasting relationships we incorporate with all our clients.

Monsters Roofing regularly does both residential and commercial roofing. We bring 20 years of commercial experience in contracting to the residential side of roofing. To learn more about the benefits of partnering with Monsters Roofing, contact us today.

Roofing Service Provider

Monsters Roofing has decades of experience working on diverse projects including different types of roofing. We have the mechanical and managerial skills to oversee and complete commercial and residential roofing projects of nearly any size. All the roofing projects that we do will be done professionally and efficiently.

We routinely have return customers and many of them say it is because of our attention to customer service. We pride ourselves on satisfying all of our customers. They know that while we are on their property, we are focusing all our attention specifically on their project.


Monsters Roofing as a Team

Our entire team at Monsters Roofing has extensive firsthand experience in residential and commercial roofing throughout California. We understand the complexities that come with deciding what you want done to your roof and who you want doing it. We will make that process smooth for you by giving you outstanding customer and labor service and offer you a variety of options to choose from for your roof. Monsters Roofing is more than a team, we are like a happy family and we would love for you to meet our family.