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If you are a resident of Sacramento and are looking for clay tile roofing for your home, then we are waiting to hear from you. Monsters Roofing is one of the leading and most trusted in clay tile repairs and installations. We have an extensive range of plain as well as interlocking clay tiles to choose from for your home. These tiles are available in different colors and textures and we can help you choose just the right one to make your home look its best.

Clay tiles are designed in a unique manner to meet aesthetic as well as performance demands of our Sacramento clients’ homes across many applications. We use the latest methods for installation. We have served Sacramento customers for a long time now and are aware of the expectations of our clients who are in the market for clay tiles.

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Clay tile is manufactured by baking molded clay into the form of a tile. Clay density is decided by taking into account the time length and temperature at which the material will be heated. Clay roof tiles used in Sacramento can either be glazed or may come with a treatment of surface texture applied to them. Because of the treatment, clients can get a wide range of different profiles, finishes, styles and colors.

Clay tile roofing is the oldest version of roofing materials, having its origin some 100 years back. It is manufactured out of natural clay which is then baked to remove the moisture. It can be glazed or unglazed after that. In general, clay tile roofing is popular for Sacramento CA for its strong red color and high standard of durability and strength. Clay tile roofing can give a different style and look to your Sacramento roof, matching well with the external decor of your property.

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One of the most popular clay roof tiles in Sacramento is the Spanish style roof. This style is also known as mission style. This style tile comes with a U or S shape, which gives it a unique interlocking design. Another common style of clay tile roofing for Sacramento is Italian-style. This type of clay tile is made up of two pieces: a long with round shaped top section and a bottom flat texture piece. For installation, the bottom part is placed flat on the roof using flanges to hold water off the roof’s surface. Then the rounded top piece overlaps the flanges to resemble the look of the mission style tile. Flat style clay tiles are popular as Mangalorean units or interlocking units.

Clay tiles weight far more than composition, so they require reinforced framing of your roof along with sheathing for giving support for the extra weight. An improved waterproofing membrane is also needed for keeping the water away from the between the tiles and the roof. It is important to realize that clay tiles are not designed for repelling water on their own, but for offering protection to the membrane from damage caused by strong rays of the sun and harsh weather. The membrane needs to be strong for catching and repelling the excess water. At the time of installation, clay tiles need to be attached with battens or wooden strips in place of direct attachment with roof deck. In general, flat clay tiles get fastened directly to the deck in a similar fashion as composite shingles.

Monsters Roofing is one of the best-known companies in Sacramento for clay tile roofing installation and repair. We understand the requirements for proper and lasting installation and work with our customers to meet or exceed their expectations. We are dedicated to delivering only the best to our clients and we know that your satisfaction measures the level of our success in the Sacramento roofing industry.

We stay connected with our clients each step of the clay tile roof installation process. This helps them stay updated on what we are doing and how things are progressing. Our customers have shared how much they appreciate this. Monsters Roofing offers services for both Sacramento residential and commercial properties and covers the following:

  • Clay Tile Roof Repair
  • Clay Tile Roof Replacement
  • Clay Tile Roof Installation
  • Clay Tile Roof Certification

We keep our services priced affordably in order to meet the needs of customers from all financial abilities. High-quality industry standard materials are used for making the clay tile roofing we use on our Sacramento CA projects. Our crews perform a strict quality check for each clay tile we use in order to avoid any product failure or dissatisfaction from our customers.

Each satisfied Sacramento customer is an asset to us and their referrals have been instrumental in helping us to grow even faster than expected. We know our customers value their time and money as well as knowing that they can trust us for high quality services. The crews at Monsters Roofing get special training on proper installation and repairs to clay tile roofing and on safety precautions. Attention is given so that in no way is the property damaged during roof installation or repair.

  1. Monsters Roofing is a trusted clay tile roofing contractor with a great track record in the Sacramento CA industry.
  2. We have a quick response time to our clients, and we care for their urgent needs. Efforts are made to fix issues on emergency basis while reducing additional damage to your property.
  3. Our customer service team is available to answer queries or complaints from customers during regular business hours.
  4. Our fees are affordable for customers from all levels of society.
  5. We acknowledge our accountability for the quality of service we deliver to our clients.
  6. We have the best after sales service in Sacramento and attend to each client after project completion for any questions or repair services.
  7. We warranty our work and fix issues free of cost, should there be any kind of malfunction with the work performed.

Monsters Roofing is growing every day and we thank our customers for supporting us and trusting us to deliver the best. We keep ourselves updated on the latest technologies are coming up in the market so we can continue to deliver superior quality clay tile roofing to Sacramento.

Connecting with us is very easy. You can send us a message through the ‘contact us’ page or you can give us a call and we will respond to you as quickly as we can. Our Sacramento roofing experts are ready to answer even in the odds hours of in case you have emergency roofing repair needs. Trust us once to serve you and you will learn why Monsters Roofing is considered one of the best in Sacramento. Get in touch with us today for information on service or rates.

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